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Restore32 Dental Practice, 1 Howard Street, Fishergate, Fulford Road, York YO10 4BQ

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Fees & Payment plans

Fees & Payment plans

We accept cash, debit and credit cards. We ask that you settle your account at the end of each appointment or when asked by Reception.

For larger courses of treatment we ask that 50% is paid at the first visit and 50% on completion.

Private Patients may choose to ‘pay as they go’ as explained below or can join our Dental Plan:

Club membership

Club Membership Plan allows Patients to spread the cost of their standard annual treatment over 12 monthly instalments paid by direct debit. Club Membership covers the cost of annual check-ups, routine Hygienist visits and affords discounts on many courses of treatment. Club Membership is open to all Patients at the Practice.


What is covered?

Two check-ups by your Dentist per year including:

  • any necessary x-rays, oral cancer screen
  • joint, muscle and bite evaluation.

Up to three hygienist appointments per year:

  • periodontal pocket charting
  • plaque and bleeding scores
  • oral hygiene instruction
  • advice on product purchase
  • simple and advanced scaling.

Up to 1 emergency appointment per annum within the Practice.



High-quality preventative private dentistry provided at set monthly payments to help you budget.

No requirement to be ‘dentally fit’ to join.

Discount of up to 15% on most treatments.

Full terms and conditions are available on request or upon application.



Club membership is available for only £24.90 per month. For a full cost comparison please see the fee list below.

Pay as you go

The prices below are guide prices only. Your fees will be tailored to your individual treatment need. You will be given a clear indication of the anticipated cost prior to commencing any treatment.


Patient fees (£) Club membership (£)
Initial Exam 147 147
Recall Exam 69.90 Inclusive
Emergency Consultation from 75 Inclusive*
Hygienist (per session) 72 Inclusive
Composite/Amalgam Restoration from 160 from 144
Extraction from 160 from 144
Root Canal Treatment from 900 from 810
Crowns from 850 from 782
Dentures from 895 from 795
Implant (including Crown) from 3200 from 3200
Tooth Whitening from 298 from 298
Sports Mouth Guard from 155 from 140
TMD Consultation from 370 from 370
Bite Correction Appliance from 1695 from 1695


*  Up to 1 emergency appointment per annum included, thereafter from £63.75

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"Before having the guard I had constant neck, jaw and temple pain. Daily headaches and pressure around my head that was just getting worse. I could feel every tooth in my mouth was sore, they always felt sensitive and inflamed. Since using the guard I can put my teeth together with ease, even with an amount of pressure. Even when my jaw clicks it's much less frequent and painful, and I can open my mouth pain free. My jaw just feels so nice and relaxed wearing the guard."


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