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Failing Dental Implants

Failing Dental Implants

My implants are failing …. what do I do now!

Imagine having undergone several surgical procedures and spent a considerable amount of money, only to be told that your dental implants are failing! If this is happening to you, we can completely understand your disappointment, anxiety and confusion about what to do next.

At Holbrook Dental Practice, we have experienced clinicians and specialists who have the skills, patience and empathy to help you through this difficult time. We will always be honest and transparent in our advice and recommendations and will guide you through your treatment options.

Why do implants fail?

Though implants have an excellent success rate, a small number of implants (approx. 5-7%) can fail due to a variety of reasons, some of which are listed below:

  • An infection around the implant site
  • Failure of the implant to knit into your bone
  • Failure of some of the components within your implant crowns / bridgework (e.g. screw fracture, etc.)
  • Gum disease around the implant (known as Peri-implantitis)

What can be done?

Treatment can be challenging and a successful outcome is not guaranteed. However, following a detailed assessment, which may involve further CT scans, etc. We will present you with an honest appraisal of what can be done. This may vary from a deep cleaning around the implant to removal and replacement of the implant in some cases. You may need to have your crowns / bridges removed in order to examine and treat the failing implant. Having to reverting to a temporary denture is not uncommon.

Management of failing implants and peri-implantitis is a rapidly developing area within implant dentistry and some of the treatment strategies are as follows:

  • Surgical deep cleaning around the implant, sometimes accompanied by bone grafting procedures
  • Disinfection of the failing implant site with lasers.
  • Removal of the implant, allowing time for healing and considering a new implant (if possible).

Why should I choose to have this done at Restore32 Dental Practice?

We have been a private dental practice for almost 30 years and have provided exceptionally high-quality dentistry and individualized patient care from the outset.

We have highly-trained specialists and general dentists, who between them, can cover all aspects of dental care you may need. Our dentists are well-known and respected clinicians and are at the forefront of their field. They are recognized trainers and devote a significant part of their time training dentists and specialists in Yorkshire and beyond.

We pride ourselves in getting to know all of our patients individually and have a warm, welcome, relaxed environment that makes you feel completely at home.

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"Before having the guard I had constant neck, jaw and temple pain. Daily headaches and pressure around my head that was just getting worse. I could feel every tooth in my mouth was sore, they always felt sensitive and inflamed. Since using the guard I can put my teeth together with ease, even with an amount of pressure. Even when my jaw clicks it's much less frequent and painful, and I can open my mouth pain free. My jaw just feels so nice and relaxed wearing the guard."


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