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Full Mouth Dental Rehabilitation

Do you feel that your mouth is in a mess?

Painful abscesses, treatment that has gone wrong, unnecessary extractions, loads of missing teeth, unwilling to smile for family photos … does that sound familiar? Have you had a lifetime of dental problems and are you now left in a mess? If so, you may be in need for a dental rehabilitation.

What is a dental rehabilitation?

A dental rehabilitation is a complex undertaking, which requires time, expertise and the highest level of clinical skills. Most cases involve the following:

  • A tooth by tooth assessment of your entire mouth.
  • Assessment of your gum health.
  • Assessment of your bite and designing a new smile, bite and facial appearance.
  • Removal of hopeless teeth.
  • Restoration of your teeth to their original shape, size and colour by means of tooth coloured fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures or dental implants

What should I expect if I decide to go ahead?

 You will have a detailed consultation with our in house specialist. Following this, you will receive a comprehensive written treatment plan with specific advice tailored to your needs. You will get a clear idea of your duration of treatment and anticipated likelihood of success. You will also receive a detailed estimate of your anticipated treatment cost.

We pride ourselves in getting to know all of our patients individually and have a warm, welcome, relaxed environment that makes you feel completely at home.

Why should I choose to have this done at Restore32 Dental Practice?

Here are some of the reasons you should consider coming to us for remedial treatment:

  • We have highly trained and experienced dentists and specialists, who are accustomed to treating complex cases.
  • Shash Bhakta is a NHS Consultant working at Leeds Dental Institute and routinely carries out remedial treatment following failed dental treatment.
  • We will always be honest and completely upfront with you during every phase of your dental treatment and your anticipated cost of treatment.

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