Holbrook Dental Practice is now Restore32 Dental Practice

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Restore32 Dental Practice, 1 Howard Street, Fishergate, Fulford Road, York YO10 4BQ

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We always love to hear from our patients! Some of them have been kind enough to allow us to display their generous words on this page. We hope that you find their comments useful in choosing to come to Restore32 Dental Practice for your treatment.

"Great care, gentle explanation of what is happening and treatment needed."


"Friendly staff, comfortable environment."


"Great service – very patient with children."
"Competence, expertise and reassurance. I have complete faith and trust in this practice."


"Perfect, helpful service."


"Super service, always has been. The kids love it and I don’t think you can say that about many dentists."
"Great care and brilliant at making children feel at ease."
"The people are very polite and I feel my teeth are being well looked after."
"Friendly service, professional and knowledgeable members of staff."
"Very friendly, thorough, make you feel at ease."
"I am well taken care of and well informed."
"Very friendly and good with children. Understandable advice about dental health."

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"Before having the guard I had constant neck, jaw and temple pain. Daily headaches and pressure around my head that was just getting worse. I could feel every tooth in my mouth was sore, they always felt sensitive and inflamed. Since using the guard I can put my teeth together with ease, even with an amount of pressure. Even when my jaw clicks it's much less frequent and painful, and I can open my mouth pain free. My jaw just feels so nice and relaxed wearing the guard."


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